Depression can be a crushing blow to our conscious mind. One moment life seems to be going along just fine, and the next we are ensconced in our own self-doubt and uneasiness about the future. The dark epochs of our life seem to come almost unbidden, and without any signs of letting up. When our world of explored territory—the predictable—is shattered and broken up into pieces of anomaly, we either let it engulf us into realms of anxiety, or use it like a magnifying glass to focus on what really matters.

Given that we can’t experience our own competence without…

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jacob Zanca of Pepperdine University, and answer some questions regarding a comparative religion study.

1. Was the spiritual journey which you embarked upon as a teenager self-motivated? Or did someone close to you introduce you to the practices of yoga and meditation?

My mother was a huge influence early on. When we were young we learned about meditation, karma and the concept of divinity everywhere — especially the Earth as sacred. The catalyst for becoming a monk was Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

2. Why did you decide to join…

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Our life is not short of things to do. We know what the most powerful people in the world are doing right now thanks to social media, and we can easily mimic their habits in order to attempt personal pursuits of perfection—or at least be better than we were yesterday.

Because of all this, I’m guessing you are already good, effective and comfortable in your own skin. I want to give you a list of additions to your already valuable routine. There is an item here that you don’t do and it could make all the difference.


Breathing is obvious…

While adults are worried about political unrest in the country, young girls ages 15–19 are committing suicide more than ever before.

The story really begins in 2006 when an entire generation was introduced to Twitter. Entering the world in 1995, Gen Z or iGen — “Internet Generation” as San Diego University psychologist Jean Twenge classifies them — is considered to be the group after millennials. iGen’s are considered the first to spend their teen years immersed in social media, a fate now known as a double-edged sword.

A period of digital reckoning was upon the iGen world following Twitter’s birth, thanks to the iPhone and Tumblr being introduced in 2007. Facebook usage spiked for the first time in 2008 due to…

I was talking with a student about love yesterday. “Love is a choice,” they mentioned as we discussed the nature of marriage, love, and commitment. I thought to myself, it is?

Much to the shock of my student, I admitted that I’ve never heard of this phrase before — and apparently it’s quite common. Love is a choice ran through my head as I ruminated over the possibilities. After consulting with married, dating, single, divorced, widowed, and forever lost clients over the years, I quickly came to a conclusion in my head — that phrase is absolute bullshit.

Of course…

Earth as Mother is an eternal symbol of the feminine ability to nurture and love

Rarely understood, the feminine energy channel represents life itself. In a world of complex energies, we can rely on the principle of Yin and Yang to build our map, navigate decisions based on personality, and formulate a hopeful future of balance. However, misunderstanding the dynamics of the sexual energy channels of masculine and feminine create havoc in our lives, and cause confusion beyond control. The solution? Education in ancient mythologies to understand what life really is made up of — known/unknown, order/chaos, unexplored/explored, life/death, and everything in between.

Rest assured, without a great deal of understanding of history, we can…

Don’t let anyone determine your contentment

I’ll get right to the point, it’s a great time to be alive. Not only is the statistical and historical evidence overwhelmingly in humanity’s favor, but even our own choice to be who we want and think the way we want has never been more open to the individual. It’s 2020 — I can change my name; change my sex; be anywhere around the world in a matter of hours (that alone is amazing); smoke marijuana openly; make a living from my couch; and live better than the wealthiest populations did one hundred years ago.

The world is improving. Let…

Art by my friend Pieter Weltevrede

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Sarah requests: “Can you write an article about the throat chakra?”

A human is not just made up of a physical body. Superimposed on the Homo-sapiens skeleton is what’s known as the astral body. The astral body of Man is like a cloud-based body comprised of color, electrical conductivity, and emotions. …

Giving up is not an option

Justice — truth — is not concerned with the outward nature of a person, but with the inward. It is this inner nature that is a human’s true self. The three principles that make up our inner nature are courage, wisdom, and restraint. A just human does not allow these three elements of their inner nature interfere with each other, or allow any one of them to be manipulated by others.

This just and sound person sets their own inner life in order, becomes the master of their own law, and becomes at peace with themselves. When these three natural…

Rajan Shankara

Former monk of 12 years. Human performance specialist.

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